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I am an Artist

Always have been. Nothing makes me happier than creating something beautiful. Microblading is my outlet. 

I have been a permanent makeup artist and salon owner for over 15 years performing traditional permanent makeup. Recently, I have turned my focus to microblading exclusively. It gives the softest and most natural look possible as well as allowing me the artistic expression that makes my job so fun and rewarding. 


Contact me at 505-401-1866

The Process

Microblading- the process

We will start with a consultation. I like to have you come in with how you normally wear you brows (penciled or shadowed) so that I can see what you are accustomed to wearing. We will discuss eyebrow shape and review general measurements.  

Basic Brow Measurements

I then will apply a topical numbing cream for 15-20 minutes and allow it to work its magic. 

We will then confirm the shape and color before beginning. I like to use a color that works to blend with your hair as well as your skin tones. All inks will appear much darker until they are fully healed. I prefer to blend the colors establish a multi-dimensional look. 

Eyebrow Color-

Examples of My Work

All work shown is directly after the procedure. All work fades approximately 40% over the next week while healing completes. Lines will become much softer. A touch-up appointment is recommended 4-6 weeks post procedure to ensure color and shape.