"For the first time in my life I couldn't fit in any of my jeans- I had had enough and it was time for a change!" ~ shelby

I know that feeling all to well. The feeling that regardless of what plan you try you just can't get inspired. After having babies, friend, job and lifestyle changes in my own life I found myself at a place where I knew was not living healthfully. My energy was non-existent, my mood was more than melancholy and for the first time in my life, nothing fit! My kids wanted me to jump on the trampoline with them. My daughter wanted to go on a bike ride. I wanted to be the mom that did everything with my kids. I wanted to set a good example. I wanted to feel good again. I had had enough and it was time for a change!

Have you been there? Could you use some help getting to a better place for yourself, your family, for your life? Guess what, I have been there and I can help you move past this and get to feeling good. 

I have worked with amazing coaches to learn exactly how I can help you get your life back! Lets do this together!

The Ultimate Transformation Program with wellnesswithshelby.com

It takes four parts to make a successful health change- This plan has all Four!

1) Nutrition: Healthy eating is not supposed to be an agonizing diet. If you like food this will work for you. 

We provide you with a healthy eating plan based on the Ketogenic lifestyle= low carbs and high, good fats. Did you know that eating healthy fats can help prevent Alzheimer? Good fats are essential for healthful brain function in addition to keeping your body going most efficiently. This plan is successful because you can still have so many of the foods you like (I love cheese!) and still trains your body to burn unwanted fat. Bacon and eggs anybody?

2) Supplements: As they say, "Never go shopping when your hungry."  

We live in a country of abundance and with temptations on every corner is no wonder American's struggle desperately to maintain a healthy weight. We are confronted everyday, every second with unhealthy alternatives. 

Trying to make big changes to our nutritional lifestyle is not easy. Making these changes without supplements is like going grocery shopping at the King Supers of the world on a very hungry, empty stomach. It's just too dang hard! 

I utilize the very best in nutritional supplements to boost your metabolism, naturally curb your appetite, give you energy, and raise your serotonin levels. In short, they help you to feel good so you can focus on what your body needs and not the temptations on every corner.  

I was skeptical. I have a membership at the local GNC. I thought, how can these be any different? I can honestly say, they just are. I have never had the energy I have when I am on the supplement plan I utilize. As someone that is prone to depression ( I suffered from postpartum and on into many other moments in my life), I can honestly say my mood is lifted and I feel great- naturally. These supplements are all natural, non-GMO, gluten free, all your essential vitamins, minerals and herbs, made in the USA goodness.

3) Active Lifestyle Encouragement: You don't have to work out (abs are made in the kitchen), but you will WANT to!

Energy! can I say that again, ENERGY! That is is what I feel and what all that work with me feel. I used to run regularly. I had quit. For the first time in years I WANT to go run and I do. Everyone has thier soul workout. Whether it's yoga, weight lifteing, running or jazzersize you will have the energy and I can help to motivate you further. Lets get active! 

4) Support: The biggest aspect of the plan and the part that will make you successful- You will not do this alone!

I am your full time coach on this program. As someone who has been through it myself, I know what the pitfalls of changing your nutritional lifestyle are. I work with you to put together the best meal plan possible, recipes and daily communication throughout the day to remind you and support you through every step. You are not on your own with this plan! But it's not just me either- You get total support from me AND a great community of people there to help you on this plan. They have all found amazing success that has changed their lives and the lives of their entire families. We have custom facebook groups, group chats and phenomenal group support. Not to mention, I am always just a call or message away. 

This plan is literally changing my life. Health is my passion, mind, body and soul! This program has allowed me to share my passion and has given me the opportunity to help so many amazing people find physical and mental health and total life happiness.


Ready to change your life?  

 Believe me, you will not regret it! 

Want to know more?  Call me, text me, or message me on facebook - I'm here to help!